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Ukrainian American Archives & Museum of Detroit elects new president and plans a series of exhibits

Honorary plaque presenation to Maestro Volodymyr Shesiuk for his many years of musical commitment to the Ukrainian community

Stork's Nest preschool and kindergarten in Horodenka, Ukraine that Dzvinka Hayda founded

Dzvinka with American Waldorf teachers who taught Waldorf pedagogy for 3 summers during Waldorf teacher training seminar in Horodenka.

Dzvinka’s opening speech at the Hnatiuk Collection exhibit at the Ukrainian American Archives & Museum of Detroit

Graduating with second degree in Child Development

Gala Banquet for former President, Viktor Yushchenko, and First Lady, Kateryna, of Ukraine at the Grosse Pointe Yacht Club

Book signing at Ladel's, Summer of 2010

Scarab Club, Detroit: In Search of Ukrainian Motifs and Symbolism, Dzvinka, curator, with Scarab Club Gold Medal winning artist Roman Baranyk

Dzvinka lecturing at Teacher's Hall in Kyiv

Scarab Club, Detroit: Ukrainian Myths, Legends and Folklore, exhibit curated by Dzvinka

Scarab Club, Detroit: Ukrainian Myths, Legends and Folklore, exhibit curated by Dzvinka. With Dan Grashchuk, juror

Biegas Gallery, Detroit: Dzvinka, curator, opening the exhibit

Dzvinka handing out flowers to students on May Day

Dzvinka and students

Kyiv, Ukraine: Dzvinka presenting a puppet play

Rusalky (Mermaids) by Dzvinka, featured at the Sister Sister 3rd Annual Woman's Show

In Orlando giving a talk on Ukrainian Wedding Traditions

Kyiv, Ukraine: in December 2004, Dzvinka was monitor during the Orange Revolution Elections

Detroit: Dzvinka and her student-teachers at graduation ceremony

Horodenka, Ukraine: Dzvinka and her student-teachers

Horodenka, Ukraine: Stork's Nest (Buzkove Hnizdo) Waldorf School founded by Dzvinka

Dzvinka’s Garden

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