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Family Photos

Paternal Family: Great Grandfather Ivan (God is Gracious) seated in the middle

In Vienna, Austria: Maternal Grandmother Efrosyna (Mirth) named after one of the Three Graces with Uncle Bohdan (God's Gift) on the left and Dzvinka's Mother, Irena Sofia, on the right.

Dzvinka's grandparents, Eugenia and Stepan

Paternal Grandfather Stefan (Crown)

In Kosiv, Ukraine: Paternal Grandmother Evhenia (Noble) (teacher-principal)

Stryj, Ukraine: Maternal Grandfather Teodor (Gift of God)

Stryj, Ukraine: Dzvinka's Mother, Irena Sofia (named after the Greek goddesses of peace and wisdom), during her student years

Stryj, Ukraine: Mother during her student years

Stryj, Ukraine: Mother during her student years

Stryj, Ukraine: Mother

Dzvinka's mother, Irina

Stryj, Ukraine: Mother

In Kosiv, Ukraine: (left) Mother, Irena Sofia and (right) Aunt Jaroslava (Radiant Glory)

In Rohatyn, Ukraine, father, Yuriy

In Stryj, Ukraine (left) sister Chrystyna (Anointed) and (right) Dzvinka (Clear, Bell)

Kosiv, Ukraine: Chrysytna, Dzvinka, Mother

Dzvinka's beloved Rothenburg ob der Tauber (street that she lived on)

Christmas performance by Displaced Ukrainians in Rothenburg ob der Tauber. Mother (one of the teachers) second from the right-back row; Dzvinka in the middle of the second row. (Place cursor over photo to see closeup of Dzvinka and her mother.)

Rothenburg of der Tauber, March of 1947: Dzvinka, Mother, Chrystyna

In Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany (L) Dzvinka (R) sister Chrystyna

In Chicago, with Yurko (Tiller of the Soil)

Two sisters.

In Michigan, from left to right: (seated) Taras, Natalia; (standing) Tanas, Dzvinka, Yurko

In Michigan, Natalia (Birth of Christ)

Modeling in Hart Plaza, Detroit. Dzvinka holding Taras and Tanas I holding Tanas II

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