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Dzvinka Hayda, a long time Waldorf teacher, was born in Kosiv, Ukraine, by the Rybnytsya River at the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains. She spent a happy childhood playing outdoors surrounded by nature. Her style of painting, Art Naif, stems from these joyous childhood times. With great attention to detail and harmony, Dzvinka creates an idyllic world all her own. Her story and art reawaken childhood memories of the way many of us saw the world as children. Dzvinka is a long time resident of Michigan.

She is the author and illustrator of the Moonbeam award-winning book Little Angel’s Journey and the Mom's Choice award-winning book Natalia's Journey to the Land of the Fairies and the recently released Moonbeam Award winning book Dzvinya's Gift for Mama. She holds degrees in Waldorf Education and Child Development. In her 40-year teaching career, Dzvinka has told her students a story every day. She’s turning these same stories into illustrated books to share with the word.

Dzvinka paints in the naïve art style, which is done with vivid colors and childlike simplicity. Her artwork is greatly influenced by her rich Ukrainian heritage. She invites everyone to enjoy her stories as much as she enjoys creating them.

Dzvinka Hayda

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