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Little Angel's Journey

One day, while playing in heaven among drifts of white clouds, Little Angel sees Earth. Filled with awe, Little Angel watches the gradual changes of seasons and longs to visit this wondrous place. In time, Little Angel’s journey to Earth winds its way through the mystical heavens and ends with a miraculous descent down the Rainbow Bridge.


Winner of the Moonbeam Award, the journey of Little Angel is the birthday story traditionally told in Waldorf schools throughout the world. There are many versions of this story. Adding her own special imagery, Dzvinka has told this story for many years to her students and is happy to share her version with others to enjoy.

View larger samples of the illustrations with accompanying text by clicking on a thumbnail below.

Hardcover pp 32
12″ x 8 1/2″
14 full color illustrations
Printed in the U.S.A.

ISBN #0-9779444-0-9

Purchase your copy of Little Angel’s Journey and Dzvinka will even inscribe it for you personally.


“Little Angel’s Journey’ is a picture story book that was written for young children. Yet, this book falls into that exceptional category of one that can be treasured by all ages. The plot is actually a response to the great, “mystery of life.” An older angel offers preparatory lessons to a delightful cherub on how to lead a good life, or rather a life filled with goodness.

The author, Dzvinka Hayda, also illustrated the pages with a unique and colorful style of, “naif art.” The images are absolutely brilliant!
When I came to the, “tulip house” tears began to flow, since I was so taken by the narration leading to the striking composition. It was then I realized that my reaction was related to my having been granted one of the “angel gifts” ~ the sense of, “Wonder.”

This is a charming book! In a few days, I will be gifting three other copies of `Little Angel’s Journey,’ ~ all to adults!
I am filled with gratitude to my own angel for preparing me with “the lessons” ~ which I will continue to heed all the days of my life on this earth!”

Daria Murphy (Amazon review)


“This book is truly beautiful. The story is magical and communicates the sacredness of each little being coming to spend time on this earth. It moved me to tears when I first read it and our 3 yr old daughter was totally captivated. We intended to start a tradition of reading it every year on her birthday. This past year, she asked for this story about a half dozen times throughout the day and the best part was that we deeply enjoyed reading it each time. Thank you!

The book is excellent.. great for adults & children. We enjoyed The pictures & the story background. The Little Angel’s Journey was a delight & brought tears to some of us.. Thank You !!!!!”

Josie Guran (Amazon review)


“Beautiful book, nicely autographed at our request. A mythical story of the soul in heaven coming to be born to a loving couple. Meanwhile while the soul plays with her golden ball and waits to be born she watches the seasons go by on earth as the fairies dance and bring on the seasons. Then the child is taken by an angel down rainbow bridge and awakes in the arms of its loving parents. It was really touching for me to read the story. I believe it’s a lovely way to remind the soul of our child that he is from a higher world. Thank you Dzvinka!”

Serena Gaefke (Amazon review)


“Sweet story that will be an annual tradition to read with our son. I like that there’s a space to personalize it for him.”

Christen (Amazon review)


“…a favorite of children, teachers, and parents.”

The Waldorf News (Read full review)


“Told in the Waldorf tradition with great love and beautifully illustrated, this book is destined to touch the hearts of children and parents alike.”

Susan Howard, Coordinator of Early Childhood Association of North America (WECAN)


“Hayda, who taught at the Waldorf School in Detroit’s Indian Village, is using much of her past to make young children comfortable with the uncertain present.”

Kim North ShineDetroit Free Press article and interview


“Good Day Dzvinka,

So glad to hear from you. I am so grateful that you wrote and illustrated the book. It is magical! It is even more special to us as the child is born in Spring just like Nicole. The illustrations radiate incredibly warm energy and I could feel our very special Ukrainian soul in the story.

On Nicole’s birthday we had a nice family celebration with a fairy path, carousel rides, cake, gifts, candles, a home puppet show and then in the evening when the candle light becomes even more magical we read the book… All three of us were sitting on the couch warmly snuggled in woolen blankets (it was a rainy and cold day here in Vancouver). I was translating to Ukrainian as we went (Nicole does not speak English and I read the book beforehand). Nicole was intrigued by who that little angel was and then was so surprised and happy to find out it was her. This is the first time we read a Waldorf birthday story to Nicole and I could not be happier it was your story – I loved how we journeyed though the seasons and how you wrote about season’s fairies. I really enjoyed how the child receives the gifts from the Sun, Moon and the Stars.

Reading your book will become another warm tradition to keep on Nicole’s birthday.

With sincere gratitude”



“I love this book. I bought it for my sons first Birthday to read to him every year for his birthday. This book was a recommendation by Dancy Baldwin in her book ‘You are your childs first teacher’… which I also highly recommend. In her description of the book I started crying thinking about how beautiful the story sounded so I bought it even though I think the book is a bit expensive but I feel it was well worth it Its such a sweet and wonderful story with lovely pictures to match. I just bought my second copy to give to a friend and am sure I will be purchasing many more as baby shower gifts and birthdays.”

S. James (Amazon review)


“I can read this book over and over again. The illustrations are delightful and it’s a wonderful story told with great love. It’s perfect for any young child and a perfect gift for any new mother. Children will love hearing it time and time again. A great book for any teacher’s library.”

David Kennedy


“Dzvinka, I wanted to let you know my granddaughter’s reaction when I gave her your autographed book.  I told her that there is a special message from the author who is an old friend of mine and that I went to school with you. Her eyes got really big and she opened it up immediately and read your words and with that came a big smile. Thank You so very much.”

Jessie Leja


“The book is very well put together and the illustrations are really gorgeous. It has a very soothing feel to it and I can see it being well loved as a traditional book shared every year on that special birthday. Definitely a keeper!”

Ancient Hearth (Read full review)


“Every child should experience this book.”

Marietta Yeager, Art Therapist, OTR


“What a lovely, touching way to let your child know just how special they are, and how thankful you are that they chose you as their parent.

Reading this story to your child on their birthday makes a great birthday tradition.”

Kenneth Seeholzer (Amazon review)


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