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Dzvinka Hayda has a new website and a new blog!

Welcome to the new official website for Dzvinka Hayda, Author and Illustrator of Children's Books and Fine Art Painter. Now that the website is officially online, here's what we're planning for it.

We plan to add a Shop to this site where we will be selling Dzvinka's books. We also plan on getting archival giclee limited-edition prints made of Dzvinka's beautiful art to offer for sale.

We also plan on updating this blog with news of any new projects coming from Dzvinka, as well as events such as book signings and lectures.

Dzvinka's old site for Little Angel's Journey is still up for you to enjoy and explore, although it will no longer be updated with new material.

Dzvinka would love to hear from you, so you're welcome to comment on any of the blog posts, reply to any of the posts on her Facebook page, or send her an email


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