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Dzvinka Hayda announces her retirement

Dzvinka Hayda has retired from teaching at the Detroit Waldorf Schools. The latest internal newsletter had this tribute to her.

Honoring the Retirement of Dzvinka Hayda

Mrs. Hayda (Preschool Teacher) is retiring after serving our community for more than 20 years. She will be greatly missed!

Mrs. Hayda, a beloved preschool teacher for more than 35 years, has a beautiful ability to connect with children and create magical classroom experiences. Her legacy shines bright: she is a mentor of dozens of ECC teachers, an internationally-recognized lecturer on the welfare of children, the founder of a Waldorf Early Childhood Center in her home country of Ukraine, and the author and illustrator of two award winning books, Little Angel's Journey and Natalia's Journey to the Land of the Fairies. Two of her sons graduated from DWS.

Please join us in congratulating Mrs. Hayda! And in recognition and appreciation for her many contributions to our community, please consider making a donation to DWS in her honor.

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